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About a week ago, I had the privilege to photograph the BS (behind the scene) shots for a very talented good friend on my Jesse Larson. Jesse and I have gone to the same school together our whole lives and in a couple months he will be graduating from our college. His senior film is titled “Newfoundland” and is going to be amazing. I know he is bound for great things. Here is a sneak peak to his senior film. Enjoy.



My first Portrait session…

Chyanne Aispuro

Thursday June 3rd. was the first portrait session I have ever had. I had been waiting all term to work on this project and I think that it turned out pretty well for my first time… I had been over thinking what style I was going to shoot in, but then it hit me, I wont be able to know how I want to shoot until I get behind the camera. Chyanne was a great subject and a trooper for working with me and letting me learn in the process. I must also say thanks to my photo girls, Allison, MJ, Cassie, and Nova…They are all so talented. Here are a few pictures I took!

If you want to see more check out my portrait section!


Hello world!


Hey Everyone thanks for visiting my FIRST blog! I am very excited to finally be able to show people my pictures…*sigh*I love photography and Graphic design, and I always have. For now it is just a hobby but I would really like to do something with my photography. Hopefully I will be able to mix it into my Graphic design career! It is all about having fun and that is definitely something I like do….more photos and designs to come but take a look around and feel free to leave me some love and tell me what you think.

:) Kadee